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SOL Building Contractors, LLC—the best commercial construction and remodeling company throughout Texas for over a decade


Aside from premium commercial construction and remodeling company in Odessa, Andrew, Monahans, Midland, and Big Spring TX, SOL Building Contractor takes pride as one of the most outstanding and affordable providers of various commercial construction services such as drywall installation, stucco installation, and even suspended ceiling installation. We ensure that every construction or renovation project is accomplished with utmost excellence, discipline, and attention to detail and the overall look of each and every venture so that we may be able to provide the best commercial remodeling service in Texas. No need to have the hassle of tirelessly looking for “best drywall installation near me” or “best stucco installation near me” because here at SOL Building Contractor, we’ve already got the most conventional services for you.

Premium Drywall Installation

SOL Building Contractors, LLC offers drywall installation and repair services to our commercial customers throughout Odessa, Andrew, Monahans, Midland, and Big Spring TX. Drywall, also referred to as plasterboard, is used in the construction of walls and ceilings. Quick to install and easy to repair, it is one of the most commonly used building materials across America. Whether you want to build a new building for your company, or you want to revamp your current office or store, we at SOL Building Contractor Inc are ready to give you the best and superior quality drywall you could ever ask for. Moreover, hiring an expert or professional contractor like us is the best way to save yourself valuable time and effort and ensure that this vital job is completed without any mistakes.

Stucco Installation Near Me

Aside from our drywall installation, our stucco installation services have also been the most trusted service for all our customers throughout Odessa, Andrew, Monahans, Midland, and Big Spring TX. Why should you choose stucco? Besides the fact that it is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, it provides a variety of colors and textures to choose from as it works well with any building’s exterior. It gives a more durable finish and it is also more fire resistant than any other types of finishes. Moreover, you can expect a quieter and more peaceful building with a stucco exterior and more energy efficiency due to its superior insulating qualities.

Competency in Delivery

We want our customers throughout Odessa, Andrew, Monahans, Midland, and Big Spring TX to know that we always value on-time performance and accelerated commercial construction and renovation services while ensuring control and safety procedures with all our construction projects. We will continuously aim to exceed your expectations by providing you with the most effective and efficient commercial construction and remodeling services by utilizing our leading-edge tools and equipment.



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We promise to work harder for you than any of our local competitors and ensure high-quality results.


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